2# 60L weekend

There are 4 items you can buy for only 60 L this weekend avalaible at Sascha’s. The evil chick tops comes in three colors; choco, magenta and purple. You can match them together with pants of an evil chick outfit. It makes up a sexy and sophisticated look that will surely make some heads turn ;). 

Above you can see how wonderfull the Evil Chick in bronze looks, which I mixed with the pants of the next 60L item I’m going to show you.
It is the The zannadu bronze outfit, it comes with the bronze pants, top and straps. A cute outfit you can where for a relaxing weekend with your friends/family or even to go clubbing.
And besides these ones there is also a girly and flirty pink outfit. The Bardot Jeans.

If your in a more elegant mood instead, there is something for you too. The Sierra purple, an elegant coctail dress. Come take a look at these outfits, they are so nice and just for 60L. You can find them all at: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Coco%20Beach%20Kelina/107/228/24 


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