5# ☆ A little chat with Sascha ☆

I was walking around in Sascha’s Designs, when I saw Sascha standing. I couldn’t resist to ask her atleast one question. Here’s a sneak of the chat we had:

SueGeeli DeCuir:  ‘How do you come up with inspiration to make dresses?  I love your dresses by the way, they are all beautiful  :)’
Sascha Frangilli: ‘Actually I get my inspiration when I am in Photoshop and then I just go with the flow.  Sometimes I have an actual thing in my head and prays it gets out as what I want it to be. I love the Temporarily Upload from Phoenix, it gives me a perfect chance to see how it looks like.’

SueGeeli DeCuir: ‘Yeah it is. I do that with pictures too with that you see how it would look like before uploading. I’m not very good, but I guess I’ll learn to do it better someday..lol practise practice.’
Sascha Frangilli: ‘Yes same with me, I have no graphic background whatsoever, all self-taught and I am sure there are still plenty of features in PS that I MUST discover.’

SueGeeli DeCuir: ‘What is the dress you made that you like the most?’
Sascha Frangilli: ‘Oh I go through Stages, but the Novice & Zephra are my favs right now’.

 The Novice is one of my favorite dresses from Sascha’s too. It’s amazing ! I’ll promise to put on some pics in The Novice dress on the blog.
I know the interview wasn’t long but it was great to chat with her, she is a very nice down the earth person!

 Limo to Sascha’s Desings

SueGeeli DeCuir ♡


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