13# 60 L weekend with alot of options

Hello again 🙂

The four 60L outfits for this weekend are awesome! They come with alot of options and you can even mix them together because it all matches in a certain way.

The first one I am going to show you is the Kaleidoscope Cocktail dress

The second item is the Laara tops, they are easy to mix with the Kaleidoscope cocktail dress. Laara tops comes in three colors, pink, creme and gold. See for yourself below:

Third outfit is the Simsalabim Yellow dress. Another cute coctail dress with alot of options:


Besides that,  you can also mix it with the previous outfit Kaleidoscope cocktail dress. Below the mixes you can do.
First one you can see is the yellow top of the Simsalabim Yellow dress mixed with the flexy skirt of the Kaleidoscope cocktail dress. Second one is the Simsalabim Yellow dress with the jacket layer that makes it looks like black belt :

The fourth item is actually 2 items. The Candice pants, black or grey option. These pants you can mix with all of the three Laara tops!

                                    Tops with the black pants:

                                      Tops with the grey pants:


Or perhaps jsut mix a pant with the Kaleidoscope cocktail dress top ?


So as you can see you have alot of options with the 60L outfits, all great to wear for this weekend. Pretty cheap for all the looks you can make with them. Here’s your limo to the 60L outfits.

Thanks for stopping by!

♡ SueGeeli DeCuir ♡


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