I am back!

So I am back and my first post will be a styling I did for an uniform challenge not realizing it was a military theme :/
But I still love the outfit so I am going to share it with you all.

This is my own modern version of a very particular (centuries old) doctor’s uniform.
I am one of the medical technologists of the CDC, helping to contain one of the deadliest epidemics the world have ever seen. The Black Death.

The Plague Doctor
Most of my colleagues wear a black quarantine suit. I on the other hand wear a modernization of what the plague doctors used to wear in the seventeenth century. This is a special protective uniform that all professionals, who are immune to the disease, wear. Allow me to explain this uniform:

I am wearing a beak like mask that is connected to little oxygen tubes and is filled with clean air and aromatic antibiotics. There’s also a modern protective eye gear that has a filtering system that prevents anything going into the eyes.

To avoid contact with the sick I am wearing gloves, leggings and shirt with a lab gown on them, a hat to cover my hair, boots and a customized cape.  For security and safety reasons I am also wearing a military like jacket which is filled with some extra supplies including an extra oxygen tank on the back.

All of the clothing is antibacterial and has been processed with antibiotics. Every day the used uniforms are brought to a special department to be cleaned.

To complete this modern version of the plague doctor I also have a cane. But unlike the old times the cane is not used to whip patients so they can repent for their sins

Ladies and gentlemen, the modern PLAGUE DOCTOR!

Hat- Eudora
Eye gear – Finesmith
Beak mask – DownDownDown
Gloves – Mohna Lisa Couture
Boots – BAX
Lab gown- Biomechanoid
Jacket – sYs
Cane – Takevin’s Designs

I am back!

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