♕ Miss SL 2016 part 1

Since December 2015, beautiful ladies across Second Life had the opportunity to enter their application for the Miss SL Pageant. Now two LIVE auditions have already taken place and some official candidates with their corresponding countries have already been named.
Unfortunately I haven’t been to the live auditions so I don’t have pictures from that, but since I am very curious and interested in following this pageant I went to the Miss SL site to find out who all these talented ladies were.

Before continuing I have to say that I do not own any of the following pictures, they are directly from the Miss SL Organization. I will only voice my opinion base on the photographs as I haven’t seen the ladies live YET but I can’t wait to go to the next audition!

I will only try to give mostly positive and constructive feedback because; one I am not an expert or professional and secondly I don’t have anything negative to say to people who are trying to do positive things in SL. Regardless who might be my favorite or not, all of them are beautiful and courageous women. So let’s start looking at the official candidates.

Miss SL Argentina is Averil Resident


The thing I like the most are her eyes. I think maybe with a different hair style her face would pop out more but she is definitely beautiful.

Miss SL Austria is Choupie Rexen

I think Choupie looks like a queen already. She has a demanding face and I love the freckles. The only thing that is too much for me is the beauty mark but that is just my opinion.

Miss SL Belize is Zaria Zenfold

Zaria is absolutely stunning! This picture is perfect and the styling is on point! She is one of my favorites, number 3 in my favorites to be exact (at least so far from what I have seen on pictures from the official candidates).

Miss SL Brazil is AddyOmena Resident

Another beauty ready to take the crown. I love love the hair. I think Addy is going to do well!

Miss SL Cameroon is Ivyana Szondi

Ivyana reminds me of Miss Virtual World 2016 Delypop Cresci but with more delicate features. She definitely is a strong contestant and I cant wait to see her live on stage to see her styling choices!

Miss SL Canada is Eva Madenwald

I am not a fan of her look and eyebrows but again that just has to do with personal preferences. Sometimes a candidate can surprise you when you see her on stage. I hope this will be one of those cases.

Now for the last official candidate in the first part of my Miss SL post is

Miss SL Colombia: Neferiti18 Resident

Neferiti is my absolute favorite contestant so far. Colombia for the win! I really love this black Godess. This picture screams winner for me for some reason and it leaves me wanting to see more of her. Very curious to see her styling choices and how she performs on the runway but so far very impressed!


And with my favorite candidate for the Miss SL I will end this part 1 section, stay tuned as I will post the part 2 with the other 7 official candidates.

Source: Miss SL Organization

💖 SueGeeli DeCuir 💖

♕ Miss SL 2016 part 1

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