♕ Miss SL 2016 part 2

The next set of contestants are also pretty strong. Remembering that the slogan of Miss SL 2016 focused on not only the beauty but also creativity and talent I must say that these girls bring a lot of diversity and originality.

MISS SL Cyprus is Kim Rongyu

Kim looks like a great stylist and I really do see her placing high in the ranks. In this picture she seems angelic and the red color gives her more spice.

MISS SL Denmark is Kaciee Resident

I love her pose, it screams ‘I am the winner!’ but I would have loved to see more hair. Other than that I love her look. She played it well with not wearing other accessories because the headpiece is regal.

MISS SL France is Ninette Secretspy

Ninette looks like a different sort of miss I haven’t seen competing in contest, I guess this brings uniqueness into to competition. I am all in for diversity and new things.

MISS SL Iceland is Lili Oxygen

Now this is a gorgeous face and the haircut is absolutely perfect. What do you think, is it due time to have a Miss SL with short hair? I think so, she is my favorite out of this batch.

MISS SL India is Memole Giha

She seems like a cool punk lady who still manage to look elegant. It might be too much of pink but I think the shades choicer are well made, they mix well together and is not too overwhelming. Her face is sweet and soft.

MISS SL Ireland is Ladyhumilatrix Resident

Redheads rock! She has a beautiful face and look. My only think about the picture is that it makes her look like her head is turned on the wrong side.

MISS SL Italy is Roberta Aulder

Roberta has a different face proportion. It took me some time to get used too but this might really work for her as her face is original. Her features could be softer but I think she can really surprise me if she manage to give a great performance and has a good personality.

MISS SL Monaco is Lady Waddington

I think when it comes to the competition this Lady and Robert are head to head.  I have the same opinion of both, it is really going to depend on how they perform.

MISS SL Spain is Hummer4you Resident

Wow what nice face. This head shot is perfect no wonder why she made it. She and miss Argentina look a bit alike but Hummer’s lips are fuller. Love they full eye lashes.

MISS SL UK is Lilyan Arcana

Lilyan looks like she is Lion ready to fight for the crown! Love how the hair gives the impression as if she is standing in a windy atmosphere.

MISS SL USA is Sydney420 Ashbourne
She is one of the contestants with the most beautiful eyes. Elegant hairstyle!

MISS SL Venezuela is Marienart Denver

The ladies have a lot of competition with this contestant. She already is the reigning Miss Mundo Virtual 2016 and she is totally perfect, ready to compete!

These were all the contestant so far. I am excited to see this contest and it’s challenges all the ladies have a lot of potential and are beautiful.

Applications are still open and will stay open for just 2 more weeks. Just go to the Miss SL organisation site and read how to enter. On that site you will find all the contestants pictures together with other girls who didn’t made it. If you didn’t made it yet you can always re-apply with another picture. If this is your dream never give up!

To all the girls good luck and may the best win.

External Links:

SL Inworld Miss SL group:

  • secondlife:///app/group/872bc9f1-51bf-4e6d-0cc5-23c192551d6e/about
♕ Miss SL 2016 part 2

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