ModeLS Magazine

Last year I was one of the lucky winners of the Narciso Rodriguez Challenge for Modelz Magazine.

For this challenge I was inspired to do two outfits that shows the two sides that I see in this collection. I am a risk taker and I really loved the long wide pant look. So I choose to show these two pants look that most appealed to me and I think a look that every female can rock. Dare to be different 🙂

Outfit # 1
This is my favorite look. My inspiration for this look came from the black and white look of the collection. I decided to combine it with a high waist body suit who has long wide pants, a coat and sheer fabric shirt underneath with high platform shoes. It is a black and white sophisticated look that could make anyone feel very feminine. With this outfit you are ready for business AND for the night take just take off the coat and prepare for a good time with your friends.

Outfit#1 Challenge Narciso Rodriguez - SueGeeli DeCuir

Bodysuit- LaVian&CO
Coat- 1992
Sheer shirt- Fakessi
Model and Photographer: SueGeeli DeCuir

Outfit# 2
What I liked about this collection was that first it seemed to have only neutral colors which is the reason why I choose that color for outfit#1, then BOOM it surprises you with different vivid colors. And that is why I wanted to surprise you with a second outfit too. I loved the yellow and white dresses with the flower patterns, but because I liked the pant look so much I wanted to show you what I would call a more vivid version of outfit#1. Like the first one this is a look every female can wear, perhaps to a party. It is a yellow bodysuit with flower embroidery from top to bottom which makes it more interesting and with a sheer top underneath.The shawl of this look isn’t quiet the sari like black and white look in the collection that everyone loves, but instead of going to the front it curves stylishly on your back.

Outfit#2 Challenge Narciso Rodriguez - SueGeeli DeCuir3Stylecard
Bodysuit- PiZazz Couture
Sheer shirt- Fakessi
Model and Photographer: SueGeeli DeCuir

End Result: In ModeLS Magazine Issue 29!!!


ModeLS Magazine – September 2015 – Issue 29 by Boniefacio Resident
I was one of the winners of the Narcisco Rodriguezz Challenge
Photographer: Jackson Redstar
AIM Agency

I hope you enjoy these looks as much as I enjoyed doing this challenge!

ModeLS Magazine

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