Juggernaut Headband Mix & Match

Another awesome release at Sascha’s Designs are the Juggernaut Headbands. These headbands look like the one Rihanna wore from D&C and they are diamonds and pearls encrusted. Each headbands comes in two versions: sparkle and non-sparkle and can re-size them to fit your head. 


They come in the colors black, lavender, gold, aqua, pink, turquoise and red.

I wanted some quiet and alone time at the sim Sorrow while wearing the Juggernaut Headband in black. What is awesome about these is that they are easy to mix with any other Sascha’s Designs outfit or gown. In this cause I wore the PooPoo Black outfit. 


The PooPoo outfit comes with omega appliers (pants and shirt) and an awesome vest you can wear with or without fur. I really love the fur look!

The boots are also from Sascha’s and they are for Slink High feet (feet is not included),

You can find these items on marketplace at the following links:

Juggernaut Headbands
PooPoo Outfit
Boots  Jungle Black Snake Calf
Sascha’s Designs inworld:


❤ SueGeeli DeCuir ❤


Juggernaut Headband Mix & Match

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