Story Brooke Gardens

A dream within a dream. Where happy stories are being told in the garden of light and where fairies and angels are watching over me.

@ Story Brooke Gardens


I escaped into another fantasy as I heard aunt Bunny telling her beautiful story. I got lost in my mind wishing for things I didn’t have but wanted so badly.

@ Story Brooke Gardens

Here everything is possible and as I walked deeper in the garden I saw a happy family of bunnies having their afternoon tea together. No tv or iphones, just a family enjoying their time together with nature.

@ Story Brooke Gardens

I dreamed of a happier world and a nice family. Feeling free and one with nature.

Can you see her too?

While also looking hot and feeling confident 😛

As I was leaving this garden of dreams I felt a presence that filled me with hope and strength. If I keep working hard  maybe someday my dreams will come true.

@ Story Brooke Gardens

Can you see her too watching over me?

Destination: Story Brooke Gardens 

Dress: Sascha’s Designs new release Nathalie in Choco


Story Brooke Gardens

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