Okay ladies, Now let’s get in formation!

In love with the new Julienne outfits from Sascha’s Designs. They are so versatile and you can combine them with a lot of style and even go to different events as it comes with two shirt styles.

The white pants are pretty timeless and classy so even though it might seem to match with ‘just a shirt’ it really set the entire outfit with an elegant touch. I wore it this weekend to a semi formal to casual event and felt I fitted right in.

Okay ladies now let's get in formation...

Julienne comes in 6 colors but the fun thing about outfit is that they are mixed up in two-color-packs of 349L The colors are:

  • White and Noir
  • Beige and Pink
  • Aqua and Creme

And different packs switches shirt colors from either the sweater or long top. This is a mesh outfit so it comes in 5 different sizes (both shirt and pants and also with an alpha layer!

I had so much fun wearing this outfit, it is truly a must have. Buy it and slay it!

Find it on marketplace:
All the Julienne outfits plus demo

Or go in world and buy it in Sascha’s Designs:





Okay ladies, Now let’s get in formation!

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