It’s spring with Fioretta Gown & Mini!

New Fioretta Gown & Mini is a great dress for this spring. The colors on these dresses are soft with a delicate flower print, it’s so lovely. This a mesh Gown that comes with 3 lovely skirts attachments style and let me tell ya, the gossamer skirt is HUGE!

Another thing I love about this dress is that you can also wear it without the attachment AND you get Fioretta Mini dress if you want to go to a more informal place. Always so many options!

In the photo’s below I am wearing the Fioretta in Aqua, with it I got 5 looks, just see how versatile it is:

Fioretta Poof Flexi Skirt
Fioretta with Fluffer skirt
Fioretta with Gossamer Skirt
Fioretta Mini Dress


Fioretta mesh gown without skirt attachments

To see Fioretta Gown directly in the Sascha’s Designs store and try the demo go to:


For just 525L you get a hot mini dress and several skirt options:
Fioretta Formal in 5 sizes & Alpha Layer
Fioretta Mini in 5 sizes & Alpha Layer
Gossamer Flexi Skirt , Poof Flexi Skirt
and Fluffer Flexi Skirt


This gown is for Mesh and System bodies.

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