Spring into Fantasy Photo Contest

Joining a great photo contest. This is a great way for me to practice and find amazing new sims perfect for photography.

Official Poster

About this Photo Contest:
The contest is from February 27th to March 27th, 2016, on the beautiful island of Heart of Darkness. Sponsored by Tayren Theas and Hig Bing and participants have to take a picture or pictures wearing one of their outfits on the island and post to their Flickr group .

There are many prizes and no purchase is necessary! Winners will be announced on Flickr. The prizes are divided in category and there can be only on winner (no runner ups). They are:

  • Category 1: New Purchase (bought from Tayren or Hig starting Feb 15th, 2016 or later):
    ONE WINNER: 2000 L + 2 outfit vouchers each from Tayren & Hig
  • Category 2: Hunt Item (Current hunt available from Tayren’s or Hig’s stores on Heart of Darkness, by hunting on the island for 10 L or purchasing for 50L)
    ONE WINNER: 1000 L + 1 outfit voucher each from Tayren & Hig
  • Category 3: Previous Purchase (bought before Feb 15th, 2016 OR gotten with Voucher (Prize) item from one of our Previous Contests
    ONE WINNER: 500 L + 1 outfit voucher each from Tayren & Hig
  • Category 4: Freebie (Current Freebie from Tayren’s or Hig’s stores on Heart of Darkness):
    Hig’s Freebie – Wins 250 L + 1 outfit voucher FROM HIG
    Tay’s Freebie – Wins 250 L + 1 outfit voucher FROM TAYREN

So there will be a total of 5 lucky winners. You can submit 4 pictures a day and enter in all the categories simultaneously to increase your chances on winning.

The Rules are:

1. Must wear an outfit from Tayren’s or Hig’s stores
2. Must take the picture on Heart of Darkness.
3. Picture must be posted on the Flickr group by the deadline of march 27th, 2016, by midnight slt.
flickr group:https://www.flickr.com/groups/holidayphoto/
4. The picture must be high quality/high resolution (at least 1017 pixels in one direction, the higher the better, either square or rectangular).
5. Must post the required info:

Title of Work
SL Avatar Login name (not nickname)
Name of Outfit & Designer (Tayren or Hig)
Prize Category – Category 1, 2, 3, or 4.
Windlight (Sky) Setting (if changed)
Special filters or editing done (if any)

There is a more detailed notecard with a very comprehensive explanation about the rules and how the photo’s will be judged. Main points will go to creativity, composition, use of the outfit and the sim and quality. If you need more info contact Tayren Theas or Hig Bing in-world.

I already posted my picture but thinking on turning in more. Below there are some pictures of the sim and how I was experimenting with the colors to take the final shot 🙂
To see the final version please go to my flickr –> https://www.flickr.com/photos/suegeelidecuir/25923052122/






















Spring into Fantasy Photo Contest

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