Happy Easter from Sascha’s Designs

The Easter Hunt at Sascha’s Designs will give you a FULL gown for just 30L (normally 499L) which contains:

* Top (+ Omega Applier)
* Pants (+ Omega Applier)
* Hat
* Fluffer Flexi Skirt
* Sweeper Flexi Skirt
* Rococo Flexi Skirt
* 3 x Low Flexi Skirts
** Each egg costs 5 L

Here are the hints to find the eggs, they are hidden on the ground floor.

No. 1 – If you are not careful, the Black Croco will crush this egg with its heel

No. 2 – Find me at the Gift Vouchers

No. 3 – Nothing better than a Jazz-ed up Demo egg!

No. 4 – Pleasure me Purple quick or I will drop you!

No. 5 – In a Pink Oceane you will see me in her hair

No. 6 – A Red Lush-icous Red handy egg…

Don’t forget to grab the Bugs Bunny Outfits just for 199L in store or on marketplace. They come in the colors Pink, White and Aqua and each one also comes with omega appliers.
With this outfit you get a bodice, string, bunny ears and tail, a tie and a playful fur front deco, optional to wear.


This is a not to miss out on a wonderful dress at a great reduced price!
Happy Easter from Sascha’s Designs

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