Charlotte Gold with Midi flexi skirt
Sascha did it again with a mutli style dress/outfit called Charlotte.
This light spring dress comes in the colors cherry, gold, pink, strawberry and grape.
Besides these fruity colors there are some amazing skirt styles you can change into for different occasions. The skirts you get with this outfit are: empire, empress, midi and babydoll flexi skirts and they are also resizeable. If you wear short hair don’t forget to add the neck bow for a cute detail on the back.
Charlotte in Grabe, from left to right wearing the babydoll, midi and empire flexi skirts
Flickr photo:
This is a very versatile outfit you can not only wear for a formal or cocktail party but also for more casual occasions:
Charlotte in Pink and Strawberry different skirt styles
On the above picture you can see how you can even wear the babydoll skirts separately as a puffy shirt or just a small skirt.


Empress and Empire flexi skirt and SAS Epic Hud Shoes for slink high feet
Or just go shopping in-world at >> Sascha’s Designs <<

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