FAS 2016 t-shirt launch

Feed A Smile


Starting this week you can get new Feed A Smile mesh t-shirts to support the Feed A Smile cause. This is a non-profit SL cause founded by Brique Topaz who is also the CEO of Live and Learn in Kenya NGO (RL Organization).

Feed A Smile



At the Lavender Field for Feed a Smile sim is where events make sense. There are LIVE music events regularly with many talented performers and 100% of the profit goes to the Live and Learn in Kenya NGO organization, which helps the poor children in Kenya.
With every 100L donation, they can make sure that 1 child gets a warm meal and they also have school projects where classrooms are being built for free for these children. Everyone who works there does it for free so as many lindens as possible can be collected for the cause.

The new t-shirts are 200L and come in female and male version. Buying one t-shirt helps feeding two children!

Feed A Smile

You can find and buy these t-shirts at Lavender Field for >> Feed a Smile sim <<. The board will be on the right side of the stage.

While you are there feel free to explore the sim. At the Lavender field, you can make donations on the donation boards found on and around the stage and even sponsor a child. There are also information boards to inform about this wonderful cause.

Websites and social media. Click to go on the following websites:
Official Website LLK 

Global Giving

Calendar Link SL Events

Donations Page

Organizing an event at your place



Get a glimse at the wonderful things that are being done in the following videos

The Drax Files YouTube video interview

Grand opening YouTube video of the School

A day in the life of Peter, a child from the slums of Nakuru. A film made IRL by Ona Waffle about the day in the life of a child in Nakuru Kenya



FAS 2016 t-shirt launch

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