Let’s talk about Angels & Modeling

This was an event by The Fantasy Angels Company. It was a very informative event that lasted 2 hours; the topic was the Power of the castings and competitions in SL. It took place at the sophisticated venue The Rose Opera House at Angel Manor Estate.

The Fantasy Angels Company Press Conference

Talking on stage were four Super Angels:

  • Carley Benazzi – Model
    Topic: Marketing for models.
  • Eleseren Brianna – Recognised Top Model, Miss Virtual World 2015 and Fashion Editor at Windlight Magazine.
    Topic: The visual impact of your avatar.
  • Beatrice Serendipity – Model, stylist, blogger and fashion designer
    Topic: How to create the wow factor.
  • Tyra Eiren – High fashion stylist and consultant, model and CEO and Founder of The Fantasy Angels Company.
    Topic: Becoming a Fantasy Angel.

They also talked about their experiences and gave advice to modeling aspirants.

Special talks about the power of the castings and competitions in sl were by:

  • Marcus Lefevre – Founder and owner of the Miss SL Organisation
  • Trouble Dethly – Eclipse Magazine and Penumbra CEO.

After the talks they announced the girls who made it through the casing and are now the Official Angels 2016. They are: Jaily Bailey, Stregavento Nguy, Jonelle Devonshire, Rehana Seljan, Portia Pexington, Spirit Llewellyn, Sienna Bellios, Scarlet Lenoirre, Hanna Lunna Naimarc and Misoindite Romano.

hannaluna @ TFA Press Conference

Snap Portia Lexington @ TFA Press Conference

It sure was a long event but the advice and tips were priceless. It was like going to a class.

The Rose Opera House at Angel Manor Estate

The Rose Opera House at Angel Manor Estate


The Rose Opera House

The Fantasy Angels Company official sites

Let’s talk about Angels & Modeling

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