Alpha layers with Model’s Workshop

Model’s Workshop is a free SL group you can’t miss! Besides having monthly styling contests, like the one I blogged about last month , they often have free workshops about different topics.

So today’s class was: Creating and modifying Alpha Layers. Teachers were Suki Rexen (MW CEO) and Carrie Snowpaws (Snowpaws Owner and Designer). It was a very fun and above all informative class. Suki and Carrie were great teachers and very down to earth ladies.
The class started with Suki Rexen  wearing a template to show us the basics and Carrie Snowpaws  gave out free templates and alpha layer editing kits to everyone (so nice of her!). After everyone understood the basics, we could watch how Suki and Carrie explained how to edit and make Alpha Layers in GIMP/Photoshop through screen sharing on Join Me. It was great to have a visualization of what you need to do.

If you could not attend today’s class there is going to be another class this Thursday April 14 at 5 PM SLT at the MW’s Auditorium and after that Alpha Layers part 2. Another great news is that there is going to be an ‘ Alpha Layer War’ where everyone who attended has the chance to make alpha layers for a mesh item that Carrie Snowpaws will make. Such a fun way of learning!

More about Model’s Workshop
Inworld group: *secondlife:///app/group/0b48687e-b400-6d60-5547-48b114c49c8c/about
Auditorium Slurl:
Follow Upcoming events:

More about Snowpaws
Inworld group: *secondlife:///app/group/5273929c-deeb-04c4-a458-93dfed42bf5a/about
Store Slurl:

* Copy and paste and enter locally in-world for group information.

 MW class invitation poster:




Alpha layers with Model’s Workshop

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