Pile up practice

So since I am working on a project ‘ Feelings and Art Photography’ I am doing a lot of praise when I have the time. I decided to see and join some of the Flickr groups that has ‘ pile me up’ pictures and to start even more practicing.

Normally I just practice on my own avatar and take pictures either at my studio or nice sims I find. But this time I choosed a picture in one of the groups to practice on. I hope I didn’t do too badly but I only get better I guess.

My first pile up before

I found this picture in the Flickr group Pile Ups Non edited pictures only  and it was posted by Emma . Why this picture?
I don’t know I guess I was drown by how the eyes looked, the emotion it gave and I thought about being lost in universe. So the background really fit my thoughts and decided to go with it:

My first pile up after

Thanks Emma for your picture!



Pile up practice

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