Haute Goth Victorian

I am dressed in Gothic fashion.
Dark, mysterious and complex. As you may know the Gothic fashion usually comes in black clothing. I choose to do a Victorian mixed with a bit of modern twist Haute Gothic look. I call my look of today the Haute Goth Victorian.


The Gothic style with borrowed looks from the Victorian era, in my look I integrated this in the wide puffed sleeves and expanded overlay skirt. I love how this skirt is not black too because I didn’t want my look to be full black and was looking for a color to make it pop and that wasn’t too bright. Below this skirt I am also wearing a black layered skirt that has the typical characteristics of the Gothic look.
To give it a modern and Haute couture look I picked a sheer top with a low neckline and transparent fabric instead of the infamous tight corset. For me the puffy ruffled middle section and sleeves gave my outfit an unusual outline mixture to push the boundaries a little bit.

Finishing touch details I played a little bit with my jewelry adding and editing two necklaces together, Gothic style accessories usually are in silver and have religious imagery so I mixed up this cross necklace with the upper necklace.
I don’t have the pale look but I went for the black elegancy with the dark make up and grey eyes.

This outfit is a mixture of different designers; Snowpaws, Avid Gothic Clothing, M’Lady and Tres Beau. Accesories mix with Finesmith, Donna Flora and Sn@tch.



Haute Goth Victorian

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