Sn@tch Sale

This store was a find of mine while I was doing a hunt and it has a very broad range of clothes styles. It also so happens to have a 50-75% sale going on right now but today is the LAST DAY. I bought a few myself 😀

I like variety so the following pictures doesn’t have anything in common except the clothes are from Sn@tch.



Sn@tch sale

I like this ‘hippy’ look, it made me fool comfy so I went to one of my favorite places ‘Hazardous’, barefoot to relax. This is a mesh outfit and it is all linked together.


Sn@tch sale

After relaxing in my comfy but stylish outfit#1 I wanted something more edge and modern so I went for these purple leggings with build in boots and I mixed it up with the corset which is on sale for just 50L! I feel like la femme fatale Nikita 🙂

Hurry and don’t miss the sale, last day!

TP to the store or shop online on the sn@tch marketplace

Sn@tch Sale

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