Jacqueline Special

Another new release at Sascha’s Designs.

Buy the new spring gown Jacqueline, that is adorned with soft petals on the shirt and comes with resizeable flexi skirts, and get another color for yourself or a friend for FREE. How it works: after buying send a notecard with your transaction history, your color choice and the full name of the person to Sascha (just enter this URI in-world for her profile: secondlife:///app/agent/bb8e3ab2-a555-4f6f-a605-e2768cd840b7/about).
Raw unedited snapshots of me wearing the pink mesh gown with the sweeper flexi skirt attachment below.
Other colors include Green, Blue, Gold and Aqua and you also get other flexi skirts. See more pictures of this beautiful gown in Sascha’s Designs official blog. See Jacqueline in the store and try the free demo or on marketplace.

Hair: Vanity Hair

Make up: Glamorize

Mesh body: Maitreya




Jacqueline Special

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