Metaverse – Renaissance Casting

Last weekend I got wonderful news from Hethwen Collinwood, owner of Metaverse.
I was one of the top ten chosen from the Renaissance theme model photo challenge! Others in the top 10 are Anaelah, FalinaKatze, Issy Flatley, Laci Rosinni, Mila Blauvelt (13mila13.blauvelt), RoyaleSun, Sahra Freschi, Saori440 and Zaria Zenfold.

When I heard what the theme was, Renaissance, I told myself I have to enter the contest but I was aware that I may not be among the winners as there are many talented people in SL. I only had a few days to prepare but I was easily inspired by the pictures and entered with 5 looks. So you can imagine how surprised I was when I got the good news 🙂

My entry was as follows:

Hello, this is my submission for the Renaissance Casting of Metaverse Magazine. Thank you for such a fun contest!
Below are the 5 pictures done by myself with description and styling card. I also write a bit about where I found my inspiration, links to the pictures I used and slurls to the sims where I took the pictures.
Renaissance Casting - SueGeeli DeCuir Look 1.png
For this look I was inspired by one of Queen Elizabeth’s outdoor gowns. Her gowns were hand embroidered and decorated with jewels. I used this outfit that was already specifically made to look like her and added the pearl accessories to bring it over the top. No/Barely there brows to make the forehead seem longer, rouge lips, a fan and gloves. Wearing a blond curly wig covered by a pearl hat, diadem, neck collar and necklace. All part of the gown.
Styling card:
Gown, shoes and all accessories except the harness: Real Versailles Clothes
Pearl harness: Luas Store
Make up: Glamorize and Miamai
􀀗Renaissance Casting - SueGeeli DeCuir Look 2.png
Indoor gown with puffy sleeves. I had this gown for ages and couldn’t wait to mix it up with another gown I had. It is an unusual mixture but I liked it.
Styling card:
Glitter top with puffy sleeves – Designing Nicky Ree
Skirt with puffy prim – Designing Nicky Ree
Shoes- Kookie Hair Barrettes- Chop Zuey
Make up- Glamorize
Necklace- Bliensen + MaiTai
Hair – Lyrique
Renaissance Casting - SueGeeli DeCuir Look 3.png
􀀏Love the head/hair decoration. There was a picture of Queen Elizabeth with a beautiful headdress on and I really wanted to do that mixed with the pearl necklaces but couldn’t find the items. Then I found one beautiful fascinator from Chop Zuey and could edit it so it could match the hair. ( I have put some links of the pictures I got inspired by below in this notecard)
Styling card:
Hair – Oblivion
Pearl necklaces and earings – Swallow
Jewelled fascinator- Chop Zuey
Gown – Caverna Obscura
Make up – Glamorize and ATIA
Renaissance Casting - SueGeeli DeCuir Look 4.png
I wanted to do a more subtle one for a Renaissance lady or Elizabethan Maid and ended up with this look. I really like this dress with the finestrella sleeves and deicided to match it with this headdress, the colors ended up matching really well but I was missing something and decided to add the pearl necklace and earring.
Styling card: 
Earrings and necklace- AvaWay
Makeup – Glamorize, Baiastice and ATIA
Headdress – Oblivion
Gown- The White Armory
Renaissance Casting - SueGeeli DeCuir Look 5.png
I was so in love with the fascinator and pearl harness that I had to do an outfit combining these two and the pearl necklaces.
Styling card:
Hair – Runaway
Dress – Huntress Couture
Jewelled fascinator – Chop Zuey 
Pearl harness: Luas Store
Pearl necklaces and earrings – Swallow
Make up – Glamorize, ATIA
In every picture I am wearing the FATEeyes from Damien Fate.
Also other shoes I wore but was not seen in pictures were from Bitch Heels in gold and silver. 
I was very inspired by Queen Elizabeth I accessories and since pearls was one of the favorite jewels that time, I tried to incorporated them in some of the outfits. I also tried to look in sl for sims with the Renaissance theme to take the pictures and tried to relive the time with music and information I read while researching. 
Besides the big and puffy skirts I also incorporated the puffy sleeves and headdresses. Make up consists of either a rouge or brown colors, a lighter blush and sometimes a little eye liner just to give the eyes more form. I added some blush (which I normally don’t do) because after her smallpox outbreak Queen Elizabeth began coffering her scars with white lead (that unfortunately lead to her death) but I did it with a more subtle color to match my skin. So I tried to put the Renaissance style as good as I could with what I had but it was also important to give it my own touch.
Some looks have more overdressed figure and some less. Elizabethan women or maid of the Queen which also had to look very good but not overshadowing the Queen. I am not a big fan of the ruff but this was part of the style back then so I included it in at least one outfit.  The Renaissance fashion also had a progressive fashion time line as in the early renaissance women would wear finestrella sleeves which I truly love. So I did two pictures with that are similar to these.
Sorry for writing you a book 🙂
Links from pictures that were some of my inspiration:
Sims explored and where pictures where taken:
SueGeeli DeCuir
Metaverse – Renaissance Casting

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