Saturday was my graduation at Audace. Here are the outfits I wore sponsored by the amazing Orchid Store ( click for inworld store and marketplace) .

Casual outfit: The Urban She Devil

In Spring the days are getting longer and the sun shines more but this She Devil doesn’t need the night to turn it up. Although a bit toned down she is still ready to rock the daylight and play.
This urban She Devil knows that Spring is colorful, that is why she has dark make up and jewelry, a comfy casual romper outfit and stilettos with a tint of blue and she also brought her chain blinders instead of sunglasses. With this outfit she can crawl out of the shy girl not only during the night but also in the sunny Spring days. She is such a rebel!
Nail appliers – La Boheme
Chain Blinders – MUKA
Make up – Glamorize
Shoes – Hilly Halaan
Jewelry set – Finesmith
Hair – Atomic
Romper Outfit – Orchid


Semi formal outfit: The Purple Spring Glam Lady

Semi formal and sexy with class. A great outfit to go out on a sunny day with your friends. Showing some sexy legs with strap heels to avoid getting too warm and a beautiful hat decorated with jeweled flowers to give some shade from the sun. I also brought my gold jewelry set to give it some chicness and a stylish bag where I keep all the necessary things to get through this hot day.
Let’s go out in the sun, friends because this Glam Lady is ready to turn heads 🙂
Shoes – Legendaire and Slink Feet
Dress – Orchid
Jewelry – Mandala
Bag – Mutresse
Hat – Lazuri
Hair – Exxess
Make up – Glamorize, Livia, Atia, Kokolores
Nails – Maitreya


Formal outfit: The Elegant Spring Diva


Ladies and gentlemen I present you ‘ The Elegant Spring Diva’
She is wearing an eye catching body tight emerald green dress that shows all her curves. Combined with the magnificent emerald jewelry she walks on the runway feeling like a queen. She also matches the flowers in her hair with jeweled emerald hair pins.
This Spring Diva is so confident and is body ready to show off in this beautiful weather, with strap designs elegantly showing her back and a little surprise leg show with the split skirt.
Dress – Orchid
Nail Appliers – ASS Nail Appliers
Jewelry – Lazuri
Hair and flower – Emotions
Shoes – BensBoutique
Makeup- Deesses Boutique
These pictures were taken by me later on but our teacher Popper got some nice pictures from this day where you can also see Yani‘s outfits, she looked gorgeous!

Thank you Audace!
When I first came in touch with Audace, during this years March monthly contest, my first impression was good from the start. Then when I joined the Spring class I felt welcomed right away and could always feel like I can be myself. I want to thank all the Audace mentors, models and students for being so friendly and openhearted. You all rock and I am very happy to be part of this amazing school/family. A special thanks goes to Miss Debbie, Popper, Zee, Catalysis, Liberty, Sidney and Aorist.
Thank you for giving me this special opportunity to learn and to get to know new nice people. Audace is such a friendly group of people! Also big thanks to the other students that attended class with me. Yani, a special thanks goes to you for all the practicing we got done together. Big thanks to each and all. Hugs – ♥ Suki

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