Ready, Steady..Go!

Hurry, the June round of Ross Event is almost over. 

Mix matching

As my last post of this month for the Ross event  I want to show a dress you can get there that is easy to accessorize. This mesh ruffle dress is from Caramel’s Fashion. Love the details in the texture:

Mix matching


Mix matching

I am also wearing Kosmetiks makeup; tropic eyeshadow, lip, lashes and au natural lashes!
It was a chilly summer night so I put on my fur from Purplemoon.

Beautiful earrings and necklace from Avaway that elegantly matches this look. To match this black look I opted for a short black hair from RunAway.

Last but not least the stylish heels from Slipper Originals, as it comes with a color hud which made it easier to match my outfit. With certain windlight settings I noticed a green tint in the dress so I thought the color dark green on the heels was a great choice.

Below are some close up pictures:

Mix matching

Mix matching


Location: Ross event

Poses:  Bauhaus movement and Everglow


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Slipper Originals

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Ready, Steady..Go!

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