wltb mmystique 5

The weekend is over and I had a blast doing my first fashion show as a certified model (Lillou’s Summer Romance)! I am so grateful for the opportunities I am getting and for all the nice people I am meeting in SL.

While I am excited I often wonder when love is going to cross my path. Have you ever been around couples or in romantic places and feel a bit lonely? Well, I have to admit that I sometimes feel like that way. At the same time I am so used to being single and independent so I feel torn in two often. But I am very at peace with being single most of the time (even though it has been years). It will happen when the time is right and I don’t want to force or rush anything :).

For the ones that do have a partner, gf or bf let me show you a romantic item you must have in your nest of love. In the above picture you can see the Pergola Grace Green from Mistique. With lighting around it, looks very special right?
Imagine you and your special one sitting under the pergola having a nice conversation while cuddling. Yes, because this pergola also comes with couple animation! Do you understand why I was feeling a bit nostalgic about love now? haha. The seating that comes with it is so comfy, it has 4 big cushions so enough for yourself or the two of you. I really like the way the lighting goes around it too. If you get this its so easy after placement to decorate around it. In my case I also added long white Half Deer curtains that also have some light and flowers and some potted plants around (not part of the pergola).

The great thing about Mistique is that not only can you find furniture here but also clothing:
wltb mmystique 3

I am wearing Bumble brown mesh dress. I love how this dress manages to show both of my legs in a tasteful matter. I decided to mix this medieval style dress with some jewelry from IT!, morning dew bracelet and ring that can be found in The Color Me Project Greece round (LAST DAYS!).

Mixing Mistique with a lot of quality free bargains. FREE items I got from SL13 Gifts @ The Fantasy Collective:

  • Necklace from Oxide with hud color
  • Maitreya/slink shoes from ChicChica 
  • FDD nails black french maitreya fitted
  • Mesh Hair from Ayashi

And finally I am also wearing a new skin and mesh head that I got from Genesis Lab. I got these by joining the group as they are group gifts.

wltb mmystique 1
wltb mmystique 4
wltb mmystique 2


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2 thoughts on “Mistique

  1. Oh, congrats on the show, Sue, you look beautiful! I recently returned to modeling in a small way (as I’m not supposed to do too much – darn health reasons) and started to do shows for Vero Modero. I have really enjoyed them. This time around because I’ve got a much better computer and graphics card, it’s made the experience all the more enjoyable and stress free. As for the romance, it’s a double edged sword and if you’re happy being single, well and good 🙂


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