Paradoxes of past and future

Paradox of time



‘All time past is forced on by the future, and all the future followeth from the past, and that all, both past and future, is created and issues from that which is always present.’ 


Paradox of time


‘ Although past things are related as true, they are drawn out from the images of the things which they have formed in the mind as footprints in their passage through the senses. My childhood, indeed, which no longer is, is in the time past, which now is not; but when I call to mind its image, and speak of it, I behold it in the present, because it is as yet in my memory.’ 


Paradox of time


‘ But what now is manifest and clear is, that neither are there future nor past things. Nor is it fitly said, ”There are three times, past, present, and future;” but perchance it might be fitly said, ”There are three times; a present of things past, a present of things present, and a present of things future.” For these three do somehow exist in the soul, and otherwise I see them not: present of things past, memory; present of things present, sight; present of things future, expectation.’ – Augustine of Hippo


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Paradoxes of past and future

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