❤ A wedding dream ❤

Alone again she was daydreaming. Thinking of the one she truly loves with all her heart. She wondered what would it take for him to see the love she has for him.
Thoughts kept coming and going until the waves of doubts of getting hurt slowly began to disappear as a cloud of hope appeared. 
Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.
She imagined herself on a special day where she would give herself fully to the man she loved. A fairytale come true.

Wedding Dream


Wedding Dream

Wedding Dream


Wedding Dream

Then she realized he wasn’t there. As soon as the dream of the perfect day to celebrate your love came, as quickly it began to fade away, as it was just a dream.

ross event wedding 1.5.png

Until then, my love, I’ll see you in the next dream.
Wedding Dress – Adris King by DannyAngell– Shoulder Wedding @ Ross Event Amour Marriage
Flower Bouquet – KS Design by Krokuss Solo – Bouquet of roses and gerberas excellence
Necklace – Purplemoon by Poulet Koenkamp– Venice necklace in white
Hair – Doe by Helyanwe Vindaloo – Noya Hair 
Veil – Persefona by Persefona – Charlotte veil
Eye and Lip makeup – Le Petit Atelier by Yhoali – eyes&lip makeup hud
Mesh head – Lelutka by Minnu Palen and Thora Charron – Ever
Mesh body – Maitreya by Onyx LeShelle  – Lara
Skin – Glam affair by Aida Ewing – Triss jamaica
Tattoo – Red Girl Tattoo by Juliana Sorbet Gans (juliana.rhys)– Sinner tattoo @ Ross event
Wall decoration – Whitesong by Mika Whitesong– Fairy Tale Quote @ Ross Event 
To take these shots I went to a beautiful wedding venue; Calas Heavenly Weddings.
These venue has everything a couple needs to organize their perfect wedding. The scenes are very beautiful and romantic. It is a full sim with lot’s of options, even if you are there like me, just to take pictures. 
For the couples that are looking for a venue to get married on I really recommend Calas Heavenly Weddings. Truly heavenly indeed with breathtaking decorations. The prices are also very attractive as it is 500 lindens for everything and an extra 200 lindens for your wedding certificate!
Even though I am not getting married I will be definitely coming back to take more pictures. Contact Hoya Calas if you need more information about this venue and prices, she is very kind and will be happy to welcome you to the sim and personally show you around.
 Calas Heavenly Weddings
Also to be seen on SL Destination Guide: http://secondlife.com/destination/calas-heavenly-weddings 


Ross Event: Flickr Ross event, Facebook and Inworld location



❤ A wedding dream ❤

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