Ordinary world


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Keep your eyes on me


Mesh eyes – Kosmetik by Merredyth  – New Mystique Eyes in blue, brown, green and mixed. Every color has 5 shades. System and mesh eyes.
Eyeshadow – Erde by MarshalHayley – Ayla Ross Event Gift!
Tiara – Frimon Store by Callie Frimon – Lara Ross Event Gift!
Top – SM New Fashion Style  by SameMistake Ross Event Gift!
Ross event Gift is open until the 8th of this month!
Hair – Little Bones  byNova Faerye– Viola
Lipstick – Shakeup!  by Carrie Janick– Dark Natural Gloss
Omega pants –Sascha’s Designs by Sascha Frangilli – LooLoo Legging No.5
Sandals – Slipper Originals gift by  EllePolygon @ Aloha Fair open until August 10th
See the Slipper Originals Aloha Fair exclusive -> Thinking of you
Location – Ville de Coeur


Came in from a rainy Thursday
On the avenue
Thought I heard you talking softly
I turned on the lights, the TV and the radio
Still I can’t escape the ghost of you
What has happened to it all?
Crazy, some are saying
Where is the life that I recognize?
Gone away
But I won’t cry for yesterday
There’s an ordinary world
Somehow I have to find
And as I try to make my way
To the ordinary world
I will learn to survive


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(new) Sascha's Designs (new) 2015

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Slipper Originals - Logo 1-1

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Ordinary world

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