How do I get you alone

Is he going to come?
Full of doubts I sit here waiting, feeling time passing by. Yet here I am still waiting on him.



My mind tells me I should just let it go:  ‘Don’t spend more time waiting on him. He isn’t going to change and he doesn’t love you the way you love him.’



But my heart tells me: ‘If you truly love him you will wait for him until the end of times if necessary, to show him how deep your love is not just words.’



No matter how long I need to sit here, even when my feet starts hurting in these beautiful heels from Slipper Originals, today I will wait for him.



Hours later: ‘Damn he didn’t come again. Well, at least I look good.’
Then tears stars falling.


‘When the pity party is over, turn your back on everything that hurts you and move forward. There is a great bright future waiting on you.’


Dress – Glitterati  by  Sapphire Teebrook – Monica  for Womanstuff Hunt
Jewelry – Chop Zuey by Belle Roussel – San Guerlain Cameo Texture Change Set @ Designer Showcase August Round. I am wearing the Choker, Bracelets and earrings. 50% OFF ORIGINAL PRICE FOR LIMITED TIME @ DESIGNER SHOWCASE ONLY
Shoes – Slipper Originals – Blair Sandals @ Mesh Body Addicts Fair
(Aug 1st – 21st)
Hair – Unorthodox – Odell
Lipstick – Amacci – Frosted Earth
Pose – Di’s Opera by Di Hoorenbeek – Pose from Lean pack
Location – The Rains of Castamere . I found out about this place while looking for sims to take pictures in and found a great blog about this one on Modem World.



Inworld store




Slipper Originals
Click for Marketplace  and Inworld Store 



Designer Showcase


Music: Heart – Alone

How do I get you alone

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