I need refreshments

If the summer hotness is getting a bit to you this is a perfect outfit to wear. Also with the Olympics going on I think it is a matching outfit for the occasion. But first let me get a cold Coca-Cola 🙂


SM New Fashion Style - Ross Event Gift

Mesh Pant and Shirt Outfit – SM New Fashion Style by Şame Μistake  – Top and pants for Ross Gift Event 

Hair and Cap – Rebel Gal / Bold & Beauty by JourdanMcMillan – Andreea

Shoes – MeshAgency by Mesh Agency  – High Wedge Sneaker Tink

Waist Chain –KC Couture by Klari55a – Helena

Lip – Deesses Boutique by NatalieWells – Breathe lipstick set

Pose – Kokolores by Leyla Flux – So Far So Good

Ross Gift Event is still open this week and Ross Event Summer Holidays will be opening from August 15 until September 12! 

Ross Event
Flickr Ross event, Facebook and Inworld location

I need refreshments

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