Kaerri by Kaerri Rae has cool new furniture!
I have blogged a few pieces of furniture before but this is my first time doing a full on review just on a furniture set. I actually have a few empty rooms in my house and finally decided to use them for decorating and blogging. Turns out to be more fun than expected 🙂
Now back to Kaerri. The Opi Complete set is a very fresh looking wooden set to decorate your kitchen or dinning room with. Cozy, warm and with a high quality.
What is also wonderful about these mesh items are that they are copy and low prim!
I decorated and set the pieces the way I like the most for the dinning area. From the Opi set I used:

WLTB AUG 28_008

Dining table (4 prims)
Stools ( 1 prim each)
Bread and cheese ( 5 prims)
Pear place setting (3 prims)
Dandelion Vase (3 prims)

virtual diva alpha group gift_004.png

Wine bottle (1 prim)
Wine glass full ( 1 prim)
Table Runner ( 2 prims)
Industrial Light ( 3 prims)
Let’s take a look at the shelves:

WLTB AUG 28_009

WLTB AUG 28_003


Shelves ( 2 prims)
Table Vases ( 2 prims each)
Tall Wooden Candle ( 2 prims)
Shelf Vases ( 2 prims each)
 Pitchers (4 prims)
Shelf Vases ( 2 prims)

WLTB AUG 28_006


Triple Shelves ( 2 prims)
Shelf Plant ( 2 prims)
Shelf Vases (2 prims)
Bowl of eggs ( 2 prims)
Green Apple Basket ( 1 prim)
They are all very natural looking and would look perfect in a cabin or wooden like house in the woods. But as you can see, it still looks amazing in this house too which is more modern.


Included in this set is also:
Fabulous Teapot (1 prim)
Stacked cups & plates (1 prim)
butcher block (2 prims)
scales (2 prims)
Apple place setting
Lemon/Lime bowl
Stack of plates (1 prim)


Another great decoration for your house is the Chrysanthenum buckets (2 prims each). These are very lovely and come in the colors orange, pink, purple and white. I picked the  white one in this case to add some decoration in the balcony:

WLTB AUG 28_002


Overall I loved these, there are a lot of options to decorate fitting your own style and the quality is great. If you are looking for another style of furniture or pieces you should take a look at Kaeri Marketplace for bathroom furniture, bedroom furniture, livingroom furniture, outdoor furniture, multi room furniture (piano, cabinets, mirror etc) , lamps and lanterns,  Christmas clocks, projector and of course more dinning and kitchen stuff.
More information on Kaeri

 Mainstore URL
 Casa Store

WLTB 500x500.png

WLTB Website
Owners: Katlene Niven & AnneAalyce Maertens
Manager: Taliferrue Cathaldus


My house is modern two level mesh house from Greymoon Designs by Kathy Greymoon.
I really recommend you to take a look at her houses if you are looking for a place. Her houses are amazing and affordable.


Thank you!
SueGeeli DeCuir(Suki)




2 thoughts on “Kaerri

  1. That’s a very good furniture post, Sue! Lots of close-ups to view the pieces which is great for potential customers plus all the info on the set. That’s what I would want to read 🙂


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