Unity Show – HHC – Water

This is a throwback at The Elements In Fashion – Unity Show which took place on 8-7-2016 and was a collaboration of Superior Modeling Academy and Agency, Metaverse Modeling Academy and the Haute Monde Agency. The great designs of Prism, LUXE Paris and Heth Houte Couture were showcased during this fashion show.
It was a fabulous production and I will never forget that experience. So I will be finally blogging my outfits of the show this week to keep reflecting, learning and also just for the record so I can always look back at it. I wish I had pictures during the show and stages though!
In this first look I am showing the magnificent designs of Heth Haute Couture by Hethwen Collinwood: The Oceania Gown and Oceania Jewelry. There are no words to describe the details on this gown. Beaded crystals, silk, long train and full of sparkling diamonds!  The gown is pure art and when you are wearing it and look closely you can see the gown taking life as the crystals on the gown delicately moves through the fabric.
Included is the opera gloves with cuffs that comes with a hand pose hud.
The jewelry (sold separately) matches this royal gown, also with amazing details consisting of a necklace, earrings, bracelets, two rings, tiara, brooch and a hair brooch.
Title: Flowing Life
Element: Water

hhc unity show water_003


Water, the element of the poet they say. It is no wonder, because like the mind of a poet, oceans also run deep with many mysteries yet to be found. Like water our feelings come and go with time and ‘ You cannot look twice at the same river; for fresh waters are ever flowing in’.

hhc unity show water_004


Change is necessary in life and we know how fast time flies. With water we learn to treasure each moment and to dive into the challenges that comes our way.
Bathe in the happy moments surrounded by family and friends and wash away all the negative.


hhc unity show water_006

In unity we can also learn from water and rain that you get what you give. As the water cycle is responsible for distributing most of the fresh water on earth. Let’s work together to keep our ‘ waters’ fresh and to feed it with positivism and knowledge.


hhc unity show water_005



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by Hethwen Collinwood 

Thank you!
SueGeeli DeCuir (Suki)
Unity Show – HHC – Water

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