Dress and hat – Snowpaws by Carrie Snowpaw – Lullaby @ Enchantment ( Open until tomorrow!)
Eyeshadow – Zibska by Zib Scaggs– Alviss
Skin – 7 deadly skins by Izara Zuta – Maren in powder (eyebrows and lip color included)
Jewelry set – IT! by Aneanu – No disco king 
Shoes – Reign by KenadeeCole – Ribbon heels – Luxe Box August 2016

Location – The Outer Garden

Snowpaws Sign 2015 jpg.pngClick to visit Snowpaws Inworld storeMarketplace, Flickr , Website and Kitely Market .
by  Carrie Snowpaw
WLTB 500x500.png
WLTB Website
Owners: Katlene Niven & AnneAalyce Maertens
Manager: Taliferrue Cathaldus


logo1 IT!
IT! is one of the many talented designers part of WLTB blogger group. Please click for IT!’SInworld StoreMarketplaceBlog and Flickr.
by Aneanu 
Thank you!
SueGeeli DeCuir (Suki)

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