SMA Modeling School – First homework

Hello, my personal Style Icons for today are: Iman Abdulmajid and Selena Quintanilla
Iman doesn’t need an introduction I think right?
She is a very famous and well respected model. She is not only a model but also an entrepreneur and pioneer in the cosmetic world. I have always loved her elegance and courage to also do some out of the box stuff.
And Selena, she is one of my favorite entertainers of all time. I loved her style and clothing line. When I was a teenager and was in a dance group she was one of the singers/dancers I looked up too and would made or buy my own clothes that looked like her performing clothing.
Mixing these two together brought me to something I would wear in RL too. Wide pants with a lil touch of sexy and elegant. The blaser opened but with the bustier style like Selena would often wear but still a bit of elegant style of Iman. Colors black for elegant and a blush playful color and fashionable high platform heels.
For this assignment I choose the following pictures as inspiration:

Style Icon assignment

Style Icon assignment

Bustier – Naive
Pants – Asteria
Blazer Jacket – LIZ
Necklace – K-otic
Platform heels – Momento
Earrings – Moondance Jewels
Thank you 🙂




SMA Modeling School – First homework

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