SMA Classes – Post #200!

Hello! I hope you are having a great week.

So I have been a Superior Modeling Academy Student for four weeks now and I am learning a whole lot. I feel I am getting better in styling already and the knowledge is priceless. It has been very great being able to learn in such a cool environment. 

I posted the styling for the second class last month and as I am going through what we have learned so far and thinking on my styling for the next class, I will share my styling of the past 2 classes.
Class #3 Styling

Styling with colors


Caribbean chill
Addams by AmaliaRainwood – Miriam BodySuit
Shoes – Posh Pixels by – Ivy Wrapped Sandals
Hair – Little Bones – Viola
Make up – Insol
Jewelry – [*K*] – Coral Jewelry Set
Bracelets – IT! – Cord Wrap Bracelets 1
Nails – Formanails – Stiletto Nails




Directly from the Caribbean, Suki is leaving us with all eyes on her with a tight bodysuit by Addams. The bodysuit colors were chosen to match the Jamaican Flag and is comfortable but sexy enough to dance dancehall with. With a baring chest showing just the right amount of cleavage and laces wrapping around her chest making sure everything stays in it’s place she feels ready to take over the night.

To match this, Suki is also wearing Cord Wrap Bracelets from IT! and Ivy Wrapped Sandals by Posh Pixels.

Colorful make up by Insol and braided hair by Little bones to stay cool in the tropics. To honor the sea surrounding the island that everyone loves she is wearing the coral Jewelry set by [*K*]. She is ready to go wild on the dancefloor and defend herself to anyone who can’t keep his hands on to himself with Formanails Stilleto nails.


Updated my Online Resume, which can be seen here:



Class # 4 Color Blocking


Styling with colors


Style : Casual Chic
I am wearing a short but elegant dress that is not too sexy. I picked orange because this is the one color in the season hud for color that I don’t often wear and so far haven’t wore this color to class.
Summer is not yet over so I am wearing a hat to take advantage of what is left of it while still getting a bit of shade. It is a bit chilly here today and to give this look a bit of casual touch I matched the dress with a trendy jacket in the complementary color of blue.
Necklace, hat and shoes also have a black color in it besides the complementary colors to match the black in the jacket.
My eyeshadow is a glossy mixture of the complementary colors blue and purple and because the eyeshadow are glossy I opted for a matte lipcolor with my dominant color: Orange.
Dress – Scandalize
Hair and Hat – Emo-tions
Jacket – Posh Pixels
Necklace – Baubles!
Bracelets – Moondance Jewels
Make up – Fiore
Nail colors – ZOZ
Shoes – KC


Thank you!
SueGeeli DeCuir (Suki)
SMA Classes – Post #200!

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