What to wear? A daily question. It can be complicated, specially with the many talented designers in SL. I could not made my mind up with these two necklaces, IT! and Tantalum. I decided to wear both to see if I can match them together and tadaa, I loved the look with Sascha’s Design Sensation Swank exclusive. It looks different but I loved how they matched together.
Around the collar bone I am wearing the IT! (by Aneanunecklace and matching earrings, All Maces set available @ Addicted to Black. (See this post to take a look at the other ATB exclusive necklace)
You will see that the necklace is black in the vendor pic. Well, it comes with a color hud!
If you can’t enough of IT!’s jewelry, one word: SALE!
there is a 50% off going on at IT!’s mainstore right now because of their second year anniversary. Here is a close up of the All Maces set:



Matching the All Maces set, I am wearing the Margeux Wrapped necklace from Tantalum (by Lucinnnda) available at the current round of Designer Showcase. This one doesn’t come with a color hud but with a script that allows you to change the metal, rings and gem.
Close up Margeux necklace:


This lovely Sascha’s Designs pant outfit is available at the current round of Swank. Besides this blue top you also get a duo blue blouse with long sleeves, both comes in mesh sizes xs to xl as do the pants.
I preferred the top because it has been a hot couple of days here in Holland and I just loved how the Margeux necklace sits on it.







Also wearing:
Nailpolish – ZOZ by Zoz Icon – Spring Azaria Silver Polish (Maitreya)
Hair – Analog dog hair by Queue Marlowe – Proud Mary

Designer Showcase

Please click for  FLICKR  – BLOG –   FACEBOOK  –  INWORLD LOCATION (NEW Location!)
Owner: Aisha Convair


(new) Sascha's Designs (new) 2015

Click to visit Sascha’s Designs Inworld Store, Marketplace ,Facebook , official website and Flickr
by Sascha Frangilli 


WLTB 500x500.png

WLTB Website
Owners: Katlene Niven & AnneAalyce Maertens
Manager: Taliferrue Cathaldus 


logo1 IT!Inworld Store




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