Hilly Haalan Fall Show

Show production: SMA
Last Sunday there was a great fashion show to showcase some of Hilly Haalan‘s new clothes for this fall/autumn season. The show was produced and presented by Superior Modeling Agency (SMA). It was an honor and pleasure for me to be part of it and work again as an SMA Model after passing the cast along side other great models.

I must say that SMA really takes the time to make sure everything is running smoothly, great scene/runway settings and outstanding planning. Not only do they focus to make sure it is perfect for the designer but as a model it is always a positive and professional working experience. This was my second time and each time I have learned something new.

The Designer: Hilly Haalan
I think everyone knows Hilly and how amazing her creations are right?!
Not only do they have good quality and prices but she is always catering to her customers. Love the weekly promos and a lot of outfits with shoes and accessories for a very reasonable price without having the doubt that it will be of good quality. I find styling with Hilly Haalan clothes fun and very easy as most things come with a texture hud, so I had the opportunity to play with some autumn colors.
I must say that not only is Hilly a very talented designer but a very kind person. She paid a visit at the dress rehearsal and was very kind to everyone. We were all excited for the big day and happy that she was happy!

The big day: Show time
Unfortunately I was not able to enjoy and participate a 100% like I would have wanted due to lag and technical problems. But nevertheless the models were top, Hilly’s clothing looked great and the crowd was awesome. Also with the patience due to lag because of course there were more than 70 people there to see Hilly Halaan’s new releases!
Best part for me is how friendly and professional everyone was, as some (raises hand) were having problems, you could always get help from somebody. Great teamwork!

After the show everyone could get the new releases at a discounted price and there was even a free gift up for grasp!

The outfits
Now allow me to show you the designs I was wearing during the show, I took these at the show venue which was so nicely done and decorated.

Hilly Halaan Fall Show

Riley outfit (dress + jacket) and Onyx boots, both come with color hud.

Hilly Halaan Fall Show

Bella outfit, this is a full outfit that comes with its matching purse, jewelry and shoes.


Hilly Halaan Fall Show

Sephora gown. This pretty and glamorous gown comes with a texture hud for you to change into your favorite colors. The bodice is like a corset that tightly wraps around your back with wraps. Each parts color can be change. Matching this gown I wore the Sierra heels (+texture hud).

At the show you could get all this and more at a discounted price but if you couldn’t be there to get them don’t worry. Like I said Hilly Haalan always tries to please her costumers so for that reason she has put the outfits on marketplace and you can get them at the discounted price for one week only. So don’t miss the chance to get them all. Here are the marketplace location of these outfit remember they are only discounted for 1 week:

You can also just take a look at Hilly Haalan’s marketplace store and chose to sort the items by ‘newest first’ to see all the new and promos or you can check Hilly’s facebook as she is always posting what items are on sale.

If you prefer doing some inworld shopping don’t forget to stop by the HH store, here is your taxi –> http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chronos/135/124/22

Hilly Haalan Fall Show
A SMA Production

Director/Backstage Manager: Popper Tigerpaw

DJ/voice hose: GavinMyer

Chat host: KatieMichelle Fagan

Show photographer: Medea (medow.baxton) (don’t miss the pictures in next SMA Glam Issue!)

Models: Emmalee Streeter, Rhiananna, Lorelei Maggs, Catalysis, Yani05, Flidais Etchegaray, Queenbrat Bracken and SueGeeli DeCuir.


And lastly I would also want to share the outfit I did for the casting, which was a mix and match of Hilly Halaan. Theme: Baby it’s hot outside!

Hilly Halaan Fall Show

Hilly Halaan Fall Show

The Daisy Duke Soldier

Ready to fight off the heat with my hotness. I am ready to go out and face the sun, not with flowers, hats and sunglasses. I have done enough of that and I am tough, like a military Daisy Duke with my neat cowboy boots and sexy attire from Hilly Haalan. Baby it’s hot outside, but I am even hotter!

Styling with Hilly Halaan clothes are as follows:
Skirt – Kesha
Bracelets – from the  Nova outfit
Jacket – from the Pia Fringe Jacket & Top Set
Boots – Wild Wild West Boots


Thanks for stopping by!
SueGeeli DeCuir(Suki)

Hilly Haalan Fall Show

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