The forgotten Goddess

The forgotten Goddess



Dress – PaperMoon by  Mina Pelazzi  – Angela Sequined Gown Silver/Black

Headset and bracelets – Finesmith by Yula Finesmith– Nqada

Earrings – [:bullion:] by Radjvikke – Plumeria Ear Pins Earrings

Necklace – [Tia] JOIA – Astapor Collar – Gold

Lipstick – Milan by Milan Fujioka – Eileen

Eyeshadow – Studio Exposure by Ash Kezenn (ashamti) – Glitter eyeshadows for Fiore

Location – Luaks Nest Island



Inworld: Marketplace: Flickr: Facebook:

Click to visit Papermoon Inworld Store  , Marketplace , Flickr and Facebook
by  Mina Pelazzi







The forgotten Goddess

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