SMA/METAVERSE Haunted Hayride HHC Exclusives


Another SMA and Metaverse event you can’t miss: The Haunted Hay Ride Show.
Get ready to be pleasantly scared and entertained with some of the best fashion on the grid. This is not just your usual show, you are going to love it.

During the Haunted Hay Ride Show you can get on The Haunted Hayride (6 guests at a time), do The Pumpkin Hunt with lots of FREE items and you can do some shopping at The Shopping Area to get the exclusives items from the participating designers. These items will only be available during this event.
The pumpkin Hunt has already started so you can do that anytime now until November 1st. I already did it and must say there are a lot of free goodies and the decoration is…well you must go see it for yourself! Bring your friends and family and have some fun together.

One of the great designers participating is Hethwen Collinwood. I must say the Heth Haute Couture exclusives are breath taking and must haves. There are many exclusives but the ones I am showing in this post are:

The Haunted Hayride Show - HHC Exclusives

►► The Cerridwen Gown: Celtic Goddess Of Rebirth! ◄◄

This detailed and glamorous corset gown comes with a feather cape, wings, neck piece, black tiara, earrings and ring. This is a mesh gown that comes in 5 sizes and alpha layer to fit your body perfectly and also comes with an elegant skirt train.

Please click on above pictures if you want to see a larger version.

►► The Cernunnos Formal Tails: Celtic God Of The Underworld! ◄◄

Couldn’t resist and had to show you guys this one too. Cernunnos is a mesh ensemble that comes in 5 mesh sizes (+alpha layer). The beaded jacket includes matching slacks and shirt that has diamond buttons. Besides that you also get a Dia De Los Muertos face tattoo, socks, shoes and top hat. These details makes  it even more perfect for the Halloween and its really a complete look just as the female’s.


Remember these exclusives are only available at The Haunted Hay Ride Show but there are new awesome releases at Heth Haute Couture.  Click on the following to get on your limo’s:

 ►► SMA / Metaverse Haunted Hayride Event October 22 – 23 from 1PM SLT to 3 PM SLT ◄◄

►► Pumpkin Hunt Event Open until November 1st! ◄◄

►► The Shopping Area ◄◄

►► Heth Haute Couture Inworld Store ◄◄

HHC Store Logo NEW 2016

SMA/METAVERSE Haunted Hayride HHC Exclusives

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