SMA Pumpkin Hunt and shopping exclusives

As I blogged before SMA had an amazing Haunted Hayride Show. It was another unique experience and very fun. Although the show is over, you can still head up to do the pumpkin hunt and get some great exclusives from amazing designers including Hilly Haalan.
Below I am showing 2 outfits from Hilly, Griselda and Sami, please click on the pictures for a bigger view. All pictures were taken at the SMA Haunted Hayride Sim and at the SMA Pumpkin Hunt Sim.

Griselda Halloween Gown 

Welcome to the portal of Hell, death is your only escape!

Octavia Cami Outfit – Halloween Edition


The Pumpkin hunt is a free hunt with a lot of great items you can’t miss. You can do the hunt and buy these and more exclusives until November 1st.

>> Taxi to the start of the hunt <<
>> Taxi to the Bootique for shopping exclusives <<

I should also mention that Hilly Haalan usually has a lot of marketplace promos with discounted items. To keep up to date look at her Facebook Book Page or take a look at her marketplace store.


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