Sun Shiny Day

Sometimes when I close my eyes, I see a world I want to live in. I see what could have been or perhaps things that can still be. Brightness instead of darkness. I am suddenly happy then – Suki

I haven’t been feeling well lately and been busy in RL so don’t have too much time to spend in SL, but today I will try to do a lot of styling and decoration so I can catch up with blogging. My first post of today is a mix of Mistique, It!, Slipper Originals, Mesange and more. All credits are below the pictures, for larger view of the pictures please click on them.







Body and Skin
◯ Bento Head – Lelutka by JadenArt Resident Simone 2.1
◯ Mesh Body – Maitreya by Onyx LeShelle – Lara v3.5
◯ Eyes – Mesange by Jadis AshlandSekhmet Eyes exclusive and sale ( 90L for 2 colors and beauty pack sale!) @ The Chapter Four, open until January 21
◯ Skin – YS&YS by Monyka Benelli + Monicuzza Babenco – Alicia Tone 04

Dress and Accessories
◯ Dress – Mistique by Mahilwen Mistwalker (WLTB Designer) – Britt
◯ Necklace – IT! by Aina Aneanu (WLTB Designer) –  Drama Queen Necklace 2 @ Swank Event, open until January 21
◯ Hair – Lamb by Lamb Bellic – Only You (From Luxe Box August 2016)
◯ Shoes – Slipper Originals by Elle PolygonEliza Sandals @ The Chapter Four, open until January 21

◯ Plant Pots – Mistique by Mahilwen MistwalkerGrouped pots rusty
◯ Air Balloon – Mistique by Mahilwen MistwalkerHot air balloon Damask
◯ Cats – MishMish by Aime Takaaki – Skelly Cat (From Luxe Box October 2016)
◯ Picnic set – Spring/Summer 2015 premium gift

◯ Standing – Posesion by Dahriel – Planet 1
◯ Laying – from Mistique’s Hot Air Balloon

Windlight Settings
Places Cornfield
[TOR] Linear puddles

Happy Weekend!

Sun Shiny Day

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