WLTB + Slipper Originals


WLTB + Slipper Originals

WLTB + Slipper Originals


We Love To Blog post featuring Mistique, Nord Embel’Lys and Tameless Hair. I am also wearing Slipper Originals flats exclusive at Lost and Found available until today! Please click on the pictures for a larger view.


Furniture and decoration – Mistique by Mahi Mistwalker – Dresser Lily and frames.

Dress – Mistique by Mahi Mistwalker – Salstar White.

Jewelry-  Nord Embel’Lys by Rodeurdunord –  Pierres de Naissance Set (12 gems colors and 7 metal colors + Male version).

Hair – Tameless Hair by Nita Bracken and Grim Bracken –  Azure.

Shoes –  Slipper Originals by Elle Polygon – Fallon Sandals exclusive for Lost and Found, open until March 1. 


WLTB + Slipper Originals

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