Mesange Eyes MOH9 Gift + Kosmetik Lipstick @ The Makeover Room

As the title suggests, in this post I want to tell you about 2 special items.

1. Kosmetik exclusive item for The Makeover Room event are these cute lipsticks that look amazing. Melted Lipstick.spring frosting is a Catwa and Omega applier that comes in a 12 color hud. With a warm shine and glow, it has a pretty realistic feel into it. See all the colors on Kosmetik Website.


Mesange Eyes Gift + New Kosmetik Lipstick

2. Mesange Eyes has done it again with a gift you can’t miss. Look for a black mustache in the Men Only Hunt 9 and your prize will be Nan Madol Mini pack that comes in 5 colors for both male and female (click to see all colors here), mesh + standard eyes in 4 sizes and omega appliers. To get started and get the hints look here:

Credits Featured designers:
⦿ Lipstick – Kosmetik by MerredythMelted Lipstick.spring frosting (Omega and Catwa Appliers) at The Makeover Room event, open until April 26. More about Kosmetik:

Visit the Inworld mainstore, Flickr, Marketplace, Facebook and Website.


⦿ Eyes – Mesange Eyes by Jadis AshlandNan Madol Mini Pack (5 colors) gift for the Men Only Hunt. This hunt is until April 30, get these by looking for a black mustache. Hints can be found hereMore about Mesange Eyes:




Visit Mesange Inworld Mainstore, Flickr, Marketplace.


Also wearing:
⦿ Hair by Murray – Claire.
⦿ Skin by Deetalez – Juanita Maria for Powder Pack.
⦿ Dress by FD – Special Day Dress.
⦿ Bento head by Catwa – Catya.

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Mesange Eyes MOH9 Gift + Kosmetik Lipstick @ The Makeover Room

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