Easter Specials from GDit and Slipper Originals

Happy easter to everyone that celebrates and if not we got some free days which is always nice to have huh ;). I hope you all had a great weekend. Let’s make this Monday even better with a few easter specials from GDit Jewelry & Outfits (Mozart Loordes) and Slipper Originals (Elle Polygon) both recently premiering fabulous new main store locations so make sure to stop by when you have time.

GDit Jewelry & Outfits Diana Outfits


It’s the classic Diana 1990’s Cocktail dress for Steals & Deals on sale for 75L!! This bargain goes until Monday Midnight after that you can still get it but for 225L which is still a great prize right? Diana dress contains a rich and bright texture with a cute little bow on the front and back. It comes in sizes for mesh and classic avatars and a texture hud of 6 colors:


Accessories I used to match this beautiful dress are from Slipper Originals. Let’s start with the cute bunny necklace:

Slipper Oirignals Easter Hunt Egg Bunny Necklace GIFT


This is the Bunny necklace and is an exclusive GIFT for the Caspertech’s Easter Egg hunt that runs until today April 17 at midnight. You can find it at the >>  mainstore. Look for the Caspertech’s Easter Hunt sign in the store, located near the group gifts to get your hud and start hunting! Wear the hud, choose your trail and it will tell you the hints. A great hunt to have some fun today.

Shoes also from Slipper Originals are the Dannika Pumps for Belleza, Maitreya and Slink available at Designer Circle (open until April 28):

Slipper Originals Dannika Pumps @ Designer Circle



To find more information about the featured designers please look here.

Other credits:
Hair by Little Bones
Hand and Feet Nail polish by Plastik
Skin and eyes by Amara Beauty
Makeup by Deetalez
Lashes by Okkbye
Pose by creamsh
Bento head by Catwa
Maitreya mesh body
Photo’s taken at Snuggles

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Easter Specials from GDit and Slipper Originals

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