Happy Birthday to Virtual Diva!

It has been 7 years since Virtual Diva joined Second Life and that is why you can get a gift every day until Friday, April 28. Virtual Diva has a whole lot of great gowns but during this days you can get 7 of the best by just joining the free Virtual Diva group.

The first one was Petal Gown Penumbra that comes with earings, rose chest addon, mesh skirt and lace jacket layer:
Dress gift Virtual Diva
From Virtual Diva I am also wearing Elite hair which has a hud of 12 colors + highlights, and script to change the scale, position and rotation. Poses are also from Virtual Diva, it is the King Poses available at Pose Fair (closes April 29), showing #6,7,8 and 10:


Virtual Diva Petal Gown and King Poses

To join the free group here is the URI Group to copy and paste in your local chat: secondlife:///app/group/d37c2b95-4bc7-c523-cd0d-e6f3cfeaabc0/about.

Virtual Diva by Angels Kristan
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Happy Birthday to Virtual Diva!

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