Table for one

Table for one...

Serenity Style by Hanstrid Insha (We Love To Blog Designer) with brand new collection Home Stuffs Gacha (mod/transfer) at Shinny Shabby, open until June 15. It includes:
– Basins
– Cabinet (resizeable on touch + doors open/close)
– Cupboard
– Cushions ( + sitting animations)
– Cushions Bucket
– Pile of dishes
– Pitcher
– Table
– Teapot
– Shelf with cloth and pots (RARE)

Some raw shots:
serenity styles home stuffz mix pictures

More about Serenity Style: Facebook / Flickr / Blog / Marketplace.

Other furniture used:
– Table Cloth – PiCaZZo by Astragenesis
– Sink and stove – Toro by Jammeh
– Vegetables – Plaaka by Zazie Daviau
– Coffee and egg sandwich – Poche by Kazuya Shim
– Rug – Zerkalo by Anais Terpellie
– Chair – YS&YS by Monyka Benelli
– Pots – Serenity Style by Hanstrid Insha
– Lamp – Botanical by Kriss Lehmann

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Table for one

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