Kaerri Peony Set

What a feeling, coming home after a long day to your home. Kaerri has a lot of great furniture to decorate your home with. The latest is the Peony set.

Kaerri Peony set
Peony set includes: Bed (li 9), Lamp (li 2), Side Table (li 1), Mirror (li 1), Gypsoph Vase (li 3), Console ( li 1), Chair ( li 2) and Hydrangea (li 2):

Kaeri Peony Bed Side Table Lamp
Keari Peony Console Mirror Gypsoph Vase Chair

Peony Hydrangea


Furniture & Decor
► Bedroom furniture set – Kaerri by Kaerri Rae – Peony Set. 
☎ WLTB Official post: http://wltb.blogspot.nl/
☎ Kaerri Mainstore / Marketplace / Casa Store

► Chandelier – [DDD] Dysfunctionality by Anke Hatchuk – Wrought Iron Chandelier.
► Closet and Vanity – Chez Moi Furniture by Nandavicmarjeta – Closet&Vanity Watercolor.
► Curtain – ANE by Anemysk Karu – Deco Curtain.
► Carpet – ~BAZAR~ by Ria Bazar – Morocco Carpet.
► Wall Decor – Puke Rainbows by Sakusuki Solo – Light Pyramidal Wall Tiles 16 Gold.
►  House – Lagom by Zandrasnowpawsnyder – Skyhigh Skybox.

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Kaerri Peony Set

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