Be You

Be you, even if it means standing alone for awhile, like this egret:

TLC Egret
│T│L│C│ Home Collection: Egret

At first, it might be very difficult but in the journey of life, you will meet more people you’ll click with and who will accept you for who you really are. In the mean time love yourself, accept who you are yourself and get stronger. Don’t let nobody disrespect you and insult you for just being different but show them what love is and not hate.

TLC Cormorants and Egret 2
│T│L│C│ Home Collection

You will meet different people and similar people but the point is that we are all unique and deserve to be respected. Some people will grow better in time and will learn acceptance, some will not. But we are stronger together, even if we are all different. That is the beauty of life.

Be You

This world need more love and acceptance!
If you stand for that too, there is one event that you will love. It stands for acceptance and diversity, it’s the Second Pride Festival 2017 running from June 23 to July 2. This will be the 12th edition with the theme: Resist, Rise up, Be Proud.

Second Pride 2017 - Poster

This festival will be huge, you’ll find a sim filled with different parties with live DJ’s and vocalists, amusement rides, cafes and parks you can go to.
Not only that, but you can do some shopping too so this will be an event for everyone. No matter your gender or sexual orientation, it is time to show support to each and everyone and celebrate diversity!

│T│L│C│ Home Collection is one of the amazing content creators present at the Second Pride Festival 2017. In the above pictures, I am showing the following items on sale:

  • The Cormorants Fatpack (copy + modify)
    Cormorants linked to tree stumps – li 4
    Cormorant Drying Wings – li 2
    Cormorant standing – li 1
  • TLC Egret – li 1 (copy + modify)

✉ Second Pride Festival:
June 23 – July 2
Location / Website / Facebook Page / Facebook Group / Flickr
Event Schedule / Vendor List

✉ │T│L│C│ Home Collection by Lautlos & True Redrose:
Inworld Mainstore / MarketplaceFlickr / Flickr group

Other decor used:

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Be You

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