Midsummer Enchantment

Midsummer Enchantment

Are you ready for Midsummer Enchantment? This magical event will open it’s doors today and will be open until July 9, you don’t want to miss all the cool items from all the designers, especially since all Midsummer Enchantment exclusives are on sale and there is a 5L Hunt (look out for masks)! Here is your early carriage ride to stop by later today: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Spectacle/176/240/55.

The first items from Midsummer Enchantment I am showing is from Angelic Design. A beautiful carriage called ‘ [Sweet Blossom] Spring Carriage’ with lanterns and flower decorations and a beautiful horse (copy/modify/no transfer). The land impact is 50, and this carriage also comes with poses for singles, couples, and groups (it allows up to 10 people on the carriage) plus a carriage sound volume hud. Available colors are Pink, Purple and Red and they are for grabs at 75% off.

Angelic Design Spring Carriage at Midsummer Enchantment
In the picture above you can see the carriage and a birdbath. The Blossom Birdbath (li 1 + copy) is the 5L hunt prize from Angelic Design you can get during the event. While you are at the booth I also recommend you subscribing to Angelic Design to stay up to date and get an amazing subscribing gift.

Here are some more pictures:

Angelic Design Spring Carriage Red at Midsummer Enchantment

Midsummer Enchantment


Midsummer Enchantment - Event Poster 2017 V3


◊ Carriage and birdbath – Angelic Design by Angelica Leiner – [Sweet Blossom] Spring Carriage and The Blossom Birdbath 5L Hunt prize @ Midsummer Enchantment

✉ Midsummer Enchantment is a Dark Passions event and is open from today, June 21, until July 9: Inworld location, owner is Bcreative Wilde.

✉ Angelic Design:
Mainstore / Marketplace / Facebook / Flickr Group / Flickr
◊ Cloak dress – Goth1c0 by Keishii Roo – Hecate Long Cloak (you can also get it at Goth1c0 Midsummer Enchantment booth).
◊ Skybox – Mindgarden Creations by Bonny Greenwood – Mystic Mountains.

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Midsummer Enchantment

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