After the Popsicle

When it gets too hot in the summer it feels amazing after having a cold popsicle to refresh. Being in a great location and wearing summer clothes helps too 😛

The dress I am wearing is from Anny’s Fashion and it’s available at the current anniversary round of Hashtag. This is the Penelope Lace Dress, a sexy see through dress perfect for the hot days. Penelope is for Belleza/Maitreya/Ebody/Slink bodies and it also has standard fitted sizes to wear with your classic avatar.
The fatpack contains a hud of 8 colors. In the picture below, you can see me wearing a few of my favorite colors: green and yellow. See how good the dress looks even when sitting!

After the popsicle

For a larger view please click on picture.

The hair and poses are from Virtual Diva, available at Swank event. The hair is called Dream Hair Mesh. It comes with a texture hud of 12 to change the tones and roots and it includes a version for bigger breasts. The poses are from the Wild set of 10 poses, in this post I am using #4 and #8.

Virtual Diva Dream Hair at Swank and Kosmetik Teeth +Tongue.stained
Virtual Diva Dream Hair available at Swank Events July round and Kosmetik mainstore release Teeth + Tongue Stained

So how cool is my tongue stain? Now you can be tongue stained in SL too after having a popsicle or lollipop! Kosmetik Teeth+Tongue.stained applier for Catwa heads only. It comes with a color hud of 12 colors!

Slipper Originals Bento Lovey rings at Designer Circle
Slipper Originals Bento Lovey rings at Designer Circle

Slipper Originals new bento rings are a must have and radiates positivity: Bento Lovey rings. You can get them at the current round of Designer Circle. They come with a hud to change the metal color (6 options) and you can also turn some of the rings on and off to wear them according to your own style.

Alaskametro Flip Flops at On9
Alaskametro Flip Flops at On9

Last but not least, let’s talk about shoes. In this case, flip flops. Miami flip flops are an On9 exclusive from Alaskametro. There are 6 versions of these flip flops and each comes with a hud to change the strap (glitter + metallic) and sole (3 options).
They can be worn on Maitreya and Slink flat feet but they are unrigged so could be used on other feet too, I am wearing mine on Maitreya flat feet. Miami flip flop Luxe version is 25% off at the event. Please try the demo first and don’t forget to use the included shoe base.

All credits

Body & Cosmetics
▢ Body – Maitreya by Onyx LeShelle – Lara 4.1.

▢ Bento Head – Catwa by Catwa Clip (Jasim Abdullah) – Catya.

▢ Skin – Deetalez by Steffi Villota – Magda.

▢ Eyes – Izzie’s by Izzie Button – Moka Eyes Earthtones Catwa Applier for Powder Pack Catwa July Edition.

▢ Nail polish – Dark of the Moon Body Shop by Moon Milneaux – Dazzling Glitter.

▢ Tongue stain – Kosmetik by Merredyth – Teeth + Tongue stained.
✉ Mainstore Marketplace / Facebook / Flickr / Website

Clothes & Accessories
▢ Dress – Anny’s Fashion by Anny Burner – Penelope Lace Dress @ Hashtag, open until July 30.
✉ WLTB Blog
✉ Anny’s Fashion: Facebook / Marketplace / Inworld store

▢ Lingerie – Glitzz by Lissa Bohm – Femme for Bish Box July.

▢ Hair – Virtual Diva by Angels Kristan – Dream @ Swank Tropical Island Heat, open until July 31.
✉ Mainstore / Marketplace / Facebook / Flickr / Facebook

▢ Rings – Slipper Originals by Elle Polygon – Bento Lovey @ Designer Circle, open until August 4.
✉ Mainstore / Marketplace / Facebook / Flickr / Website

▢ Flip Flops – Alaskametro<3 by Alaska Metropolitan – Miami @ On9, open until July 31.
✉ Mainstore / Marketplace / Flickr / Facebook / Twitter / Website / Mailing list

▢ Pose –  Virtual Diva by Angels Kristan – Wild poses @ Swank.

▢ Location – Zen Beach.

▢ Windlight Sky on Firestorm – Sunrise.


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After the Popsicle

One thought on “After the Popsicle

  1. What a stunning picture, Sue, and I love the tongue stain! That’s how our mum always knew if me and my brother had been eating stuff we shouldn’t, nice childhood memory 🙂


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